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Price:  $350.00           


Mobile Dual Band Amplifier Plug-and-Play Kit-3 Watts total uplink/downlink

  • Works on all CDMA, GSM , 2G, 3G, 4G, etc.
  • Powerful 3 watts maximum power uplink/downlink to/from tower
  • Power control logic protects against feedback
  • Industry Canada approved-brings cell signal back to the car phone uplink levels of the 90's with the high 3 watts uplink power which is critical to get your cell signals back to the local tower (present day cell phones are only 0.5 Watts approx. and the uplink is the main problem as the local tower is approx. 60 Watts for the downlink)
  • Great for mobile vehicles in rural areas

  • Everything you need-outdoor magnetic mount antenna, repeater, phone cradle, cigarette lighter plug in for power-leave phone in cradle and use bluetooth or visor speakerphone
  • Dual Band for all cell phones and  internet sticks (except Telus Mike & Wind Mobile)
  • Works with all rural Canadian Rogers, Bell and Telus Signals (No Telus Mike or Wind Mobile)
  • Cigarette lighter plug in for car comes with kit
  • Up to 10 times more power than your cell phone or laptop data card
  • Significantly improves voice and data signal quality
  • Increases data communication rates needed for 3G technologies
  • Receives and transmits with much more power than your cell phone
  • Extends cell phone battery life-better for health as cell phone is not operating at maximum output power uplink right against your head as it would be in rural areas-the repeater causes the cell phone to turn the gain down as it's doing all the heavy lifting
  • Works great in mobile and marine applications-can be used for cottages, but not nearly as powerful as the 7, 8 and 10 Watt cottage value kits with yagi directional antennas
  • Easy to install and use, simple set up, and it's inexpensive for a repeater system

Option to add a AC power supply to the kit for $30.00 CAD extra for cottage use

Option to add a patch antenna if you want to broadcast in the car for $30.00 CAD








Package Contents:

* 40dB Dual Band Signal Amplifier
* 5" patch Antenna with SMA/male connector
* Magnetic Antenna
* DC (Cigarette Lighter) Power Cord
* AC Power Cord
* SMA/Male to FME/Male Adapter
* Velcro and Screw Mounting Kits


Mobile Dual Band System

The repeater kit provides completely wireless boosting of signals for multiple users simultaneously. It supports all cellphone handsets and service providers in the PCS or Cellular frequency bands, and is perfect for use in vehicles. A sophisticated Protection circuit also prevents damage to the amplifier due to interference or improper installation. With a this amplifier doing all the long-range work, the battery on your cellphone drains slower, thereby increasing talk time. The 6V design runs safer, cooler and more efficient. Finally, with proper use of this amplifier dangerous hot spots are removed a safe distance from the user's body.

How the unit functions:

The 850MHz and 1900MHz cellular signal from the cell site is received by the included Magnetic Antenna. The signal is then amplified and transmitted to your phone through the inside antenna. When the phone transmits, the signal is sent to the amplifier through the inside antenna then amplified and (most important) sent to the cell site through the outside antenna.

* Boosts Cellular and PCS Signal by 10x
* Reduces Dropped Calls
* Improves Voice Quality
* Extends Cell Phone Talk and Standby Times
* New 6V Efficient Design Operates Cooler
* Sophisticated Protection Circuitry
* Supports Dual-Band Frequencies (850MHz Cellular and 1900MHz PCS)
* Supports all major standards including CDMA, GSM, TDMA,AMPS, 2G, 3G,4G
* Not compatible with Telus MIKE
* Not compatible with WIND MOBILE/MOBILICITY
* Industry Canada Approved for maximum power output (3 Watts on 850MHz Band, 2 Watts on 1900MHz Band)
* Complete Package for Personal Use in Vehicle
* AC Adaptor included if you wish to bring into your cottage (OUTDOOR ANTENNA HAS TO BE OUTSIDE)
* 2 year manufacturer warranty

Application Notes:

* Boosts Multiple Users Simultaneously
* Mobile cell phone repeaters are great for use in urban areas where you are experiencing dropped calls and poor connections.

For usage in rural areas where signal is worse, the booster will perform even better.


The inside antenna (5" patch Antenna) should be mounted at least 10" from where the phone is to be used. The best place to mount the inside antenna is shoulder height on the side of the drivers seat. The closer the inside antenna is placed to the phone, the better the performance. Do not mount the interior antenna within 4" of metal.